Thursday, 19 April 2012

Have You Watched McDonald Television?

The fast food giant is launching McDonald's Television, which will feature content like entertainment news, advertising and restaurant-specific pieces, such as local news and a feature called "Mighty Moms", focusing on mothers who juggle it all. Read more

Vodka Ambassador Bruce Willis

Die Hard demi-God Bruce Willis has somehow become even more of a legend by taking on the advertising responsibility of ambassador for Polish vodka Sobieski. Read more...

Are These the Best Adverts Ever?

In our lifetime we’ve seen thousands of the blighters. Some good, some bad, some just indifferent. Read more..

Alton Towers the King of Advertising


Is it true that Coca-Cola comes out of the taps at an Alton Towers hotel? Or is that an urban myth?

Banksy on Advertising

Banksy is not happy about the Ad Industry.

Embarassing Celebrity Advertisements

While our idea of easy money might be spending £1 on a scratch card and getting £2 back, for celebrities it's a far different game.

The Ad-Man Who Shook The World

When George Lois was 17 years old, in 1948, he decided to play basketball in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Read more...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

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